Positive Leadership and Ettiquette

Up to date with science based positive dog training techniques to help create a balanced partnership between you and your dog.


We have over 15 years experience, tailoring our services to meet yours and your dogs needs.

Building positive relationships

We have been training dogs for many years and we have realised that it is the relationship between the owner and dog that makes or breaks the training process. That is why we teach you in a way that you will understand, give you many different training ideas and make sure you feel happy to continue the process when we are not with you back at home.

One to one training

We will visit you and your dog in your environment to work on the training needed. 

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Training and behaviour workshops

We offer a variety of weekend workshops to enable a more intensive head start on various common training issues. 

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socialisation walks/parties

Every part of a dogs education should have socialisation aspects, from puppies through to adult dogs. We hold puppy parties to group walks to enable this important part of development.

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Tally and I had a wonderful 2 days with Sarah and Peter starting to deal with Tally's/our issues. Now just to keep going!

Judy Joliffe

Director of High Fives, Apple

Highly recommend reactive training. Sarah and Peter are calm, patient and full of knowledge. You come away with so much information, knowledge and guidance. Lovely to learn about your dogs behaviour and how to improve this.

Sara Brinner

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

I have just had a great weekend with Sarah Bosence at K9 Balance UK learning lots of tip on how to train my dog to have a responsive recall. Good fun and very informative. I can thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone who needs help with their dog.

Serena Walcott

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor