Positive leadership and etiquette

up to date with science based positive dog training


Sarah Bosence has been training dogs since 2001, when she began as a trainee trainer at Canine Partners, a charity that trains assistance dogs to a very high standard to assist disabled people in carrying out day to day tasks. Tasks such as: opening and retrieving the washing out of the machine, opening and closing doors, pressing lift buttons, picking up dropped items automatically, retrieving items off shelves in supermarkets and then paying. She worked her way up to become a team leader, under dog guru Nina Bonderenko. During this time she would teach puppy classes and  the disabled people themselves how to train and care for their dogs.

On moving to Devon, she ran a puppy satellite centre for training assistance dogs whilst regularly visiting and aiding partnered dogs in the South West. At this time began running her own training classes for puppies and adult dogs and today runs intensive workshops and one to one training as well as organising socialisation events such as walks and puppy parties.

Sarah feels passionate about training and working closely with the owner to create the balanced well behaved dog as a team, to ensure a positive outcome for all. 

Other than a wealth of experience, she has an HNC in canine behaviour and training and is currently taking a degree in Psychology and planning to take a masters in animal behaviour. Sarah is also undergoing accreditation from the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers that promote science based positive training techniques.